Think about this for a moment.

What would you have done differently if you had been warned about the pandemic of 2020 a few years prior?

How would you have prepared, what would you have learned and what measures would you have taken to smooth out the effects of the disruption for your organization?
I know! If only we had forewarning..

The business world has been talking about fast paced and constant change for a long while now. We talk about preparing for it, but somehow it seems that adaptation for the change is more often reactive rather than proactive. 

Now, take a moment to think about climate change.

Succeeding in change requires learning as an organization.

Climate change and its ripple effects account for THE change that is coming. And it’s huge. We are not merely talking about the change in weather patterns but all the (un)foreseen, indirect effects it will have on our way of life and our businesses. We are already seeing shortages in virgin materials as well as issues with global transportation due to natural disasters and the pandemics. The changes come from both the effects of climate change itself as well as the change needed to mitigate and limit the severity of the effects on our planetary wellbeing.

This is the change YOU have been warned about, for years now actually. It is finally clear that this change is inevitable and it’s happening. In fact, it is likely that climate change increases the chance of future pandemics such as Covid. It’s time to finally look at the BIG picture.

What would a learning organization do?

Have you ever stopped to think how your business is going to be affected by the changes brought by effects of climate change directly or indirectly? 

Ask yourself: What is our future looking like? What can we as an organization do to help mitigate the effects of climate change? How can our organization leave a net positive mark on our planet? How can we prepare and improve the adaptability of our staff to face sudden and great disruption?

Look at your organization from a systemic point of view. Create and play out future scenarios and engage in futures thinking. Futures frequency workshop method created by The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra helps you to “build alternative futures”. The materials for facilitating the workshop are available for free at the Futures frequency website. Find out what your organization and staff need to learn to build a positive future.

Lego Serious Play is an efficient way to make systems visible and it allows different scenarios to be played out and experienced tangibly.

Additionally, to ensure the agility and flexibility of your staff in times of disruption, take a look at the learning culture in your organization. How can you improve the skills and opportunities for continuous self-directed and team learning at work? What are the supportive frameworks and systems that are needed for developing an agile learning organization?

More on how to achieve a learning organization read our previous blog: How to Build a Resilient, Learning Organization for the Future?

We at Mukamas are here to help you by facilitating workshops to learn from your systems and future scenarios as well as by offering consultation and training on developing a culture of learning.

Managing change is managing learning.

Liisa-Maija Malinen is a certified professional facilitator and learning designer whose background and values lie strongly in corporate sustainability. Her professional purpose is to help organizations learn to be better for the planet and each other.