vilma mutka


CEO, Management and Learning Design Coach, Facilitator, Entrepreneur (MBA, BBA, Professional Teacher Education)

Vilma is a learning design pioneer and an activist for working life learning.

She’s the one you call when you need an expert coach, an energising speaker, or a seasoned facilitator who can read the room. She is passionate about strategic learning design, designing learning culture, and facilitating challenging processes and big meetings.

When it comes to developing learning workplaces, Vilma believes in the power of experimentation and sharing stories. For over 20 years, she has brought thousands of people together to meet, develop, and learn together. Her mission is to create more meaning in the workplace by centering learning in everything, especially leadership. As CEO, she leads the growing company and team and tries to live by her teachings.

As a former athlete, Vilma often draws inspiration from volleyball and beach volleyball courts. Her favourite ways to unwind include yoga, reading, walks in nature and enjoying cottage life. Besides spending time with her family, Vilma loves parties, picnics, and passionate debates.