Our participatory approach is based on the idea that learning and development happen when we build knowledge and understanding together — whether through training or a facilitated development process.

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The concept of learning management in a self-organised organisation

“Gofore is a largely self-organised organisation. We believe that learning is essentially driven by people’s own motivation and interests as well as the changing needs of our clients. But for self-organisation to work, you need support and structures. That’s why we wanted to offer our employees more versatile ways to manage their own learning.

To address this need, Mukamas helped us develop a concrete tool — a Personal Development Path Canvas — which employees work on in workshops facilitated by Mukamas. The Canvas enables people to reflect on their work history and current situation, create future learning dreams, reflect on suitable ways of learning, and come up with concrete, time-bound learning goals.”

The concept provides a basis for designing and implementing individual learning plans

“The Canvas and workshop provide a great basis for employees to design and implement their own learning plans. Over the past year, dozens of employees have already participated in the workshops, and the word keeps spreading. Together with Mukamas, we’ve been able to give people a new way to create a learning plan and develop their competencies.

Mukamas has also trained Gofore’s managerial staff in the use of Canvas. For us, talent management is an essential part of supporting employee learning, and Canvas is one of the tools managers can use to do that.

Mukamas has been a key partner for us in facilitating learning at work. Collaboration with the team has been seamless and creative – and their expertise in learning management of great value.”

Elina Seppänen, Gofore Academy Lead, Gofore Oyj

Elisa Oyj

Finnish market leader in telecommunications and digital services

“We were looking for a partner to coach us in learning design and chose Mukamas. Collaborating with them was easy and insightful. We also appreciated the possibility to conceptualise and further develop the content of the training together.

We share similar views and ways of thinking, so it’s easy to think and create content together with Mukamas. The positive attitude, organisational skills, and commitment of the team also contribute to an effortless collaboration. We can trust that what we’ve agreed on will happen. It’s crucial to have service and learning design as a part of producing shared content, and based on Mukamas’ suggestion, we added more dialogue to our training to support learning.

Collaborating with Mukamas gave us the tools to deliver essential learning training to larger target groups effectively. As a result, the team has more time for other development work.”

Piia Säylä, Vice President Human Resources, Elisa Oyj

Mikko Reijonen, HR Manager, Elisa Oyj


The National Museum of Finland

How does the museum of the future look like How Mukamas facilitated the National Museum’s visioning work

“The National Museum in Helsinki is building a significant new section, which will open its doors to the public in 2026. The expansion provides us with a unique opportunity to reflect on what the museum’s operations, content, and services might look like in five or ten years. And so we set out to answer these questions in collaboration with Mukamas.

We wanted to involve the entire staff in the visioning work. But because the circumstances prevented us from meeting physically, Mukamas helped us find the next best way to facilitate and engage people in a digital visioning process.

The visioning work centred on three workshops, between which a smaller working group reflected and worked on the material collected. The Howspace collaboration platform worked well in coming together and engaging in collaborative thinking. 

Working together with Mukamas was hassle-free

“Mukamas’ facilitation added considerable value to the project. The fact alone that our entire staff could participate in the brainstorming instead of running the workshops was significant. The workshops also gave us many tools and methods that we wouldn’t have come up with on our own. All in all, collaborating with Mukamas was easy and flexible.

The result of the collaboration was what we set out to achieve: a vision to guide us in the museum’s renewal. We don’t want it to be just empty rhetoric, so we’ll continue the work by implementing the vision into practice in our everyday work. It’s a joint project of the entire working community.

The next step is to continue reflecting on what the future museum looks like together with audiences, partners, and stakeholders. We will undoubtedly be using facilitation in this project in the future as well.”

Tiitus Uusoksa, Producer, The National Museum


Europe’s largest Shopify Plus Agency

“Facilitation is such an essential skill in the workplace that we’ll be incorporating it into our employee orientation. It’s tied to fundamental issues underpinning our business culture. 

Mukamas organised one of the most important, if not the most important, training sessions of the year. The collaboration started because we wanted to understand what facilitation could mean in our work and how we could use it in client projects, co-creation, and creating an inclusive atmosphere. We also wanted to learn how to use facilitation to make the most of Howspace, our team collaboration platform.

Mukamas tailored for us a facilitation training attended by a group of project and service managers and other key people interested in the topic. We met three times over the course of six weeks, and in between the sessions, we practised our facilitation skills. One example was a two-part workshop for the sales team, the first to build our facilitation skills using collective practices and the second to develop teamwork.

Through practical exercises and collective reflection, we realised that no one is alone on this learning journey. The training reinforced the importance of working together and provided concrete tools and new ideas. We now understand better how helpful facilitation is. It’s not just a collection of tricks for meetings; it’s much more than that.

As a result of the training, we came up with several new ideas, such as internal facilitation coaches and digital badges for those who have learned facilitation skills. Our staff are also keener to facilitate: at our last Woolman Development Day, we were able to find twenty staff members to facilitate small group discussions at one day’s notice. And none of the people suggested declined.

Our teams have developed their operations, routines, and meetings with the tools and ideas learned in the facilitation training. The benefits and results of the training are clear on all levels: the individual, the team, and the organisational level. We have now indeed sown the seeds of facilitation in the company’s soil.”

Petteri Mustalahti, COO, Woolman

Juha Harju, CEO, Woolman 


ABB Oy, Distribution Solutions

A leading global technology company

We ended up talking to Mukamas because we had identified the need to learn facilitation and team dynamics skills. We chose Mukamas because, from the first conversation, I felt that they understood our challenges. Instead of trying to sell us a ‘ready-made package’, they tailored their training to suit our specific needs. The coach was absolutely brilliant, and her professional skills oozed from every sentence she spoke. She explained complex issues clearly and understandably and challenged us just enough to make us think. We learned the importance of reflection and how, by using small things, it’s possible to get a large group of people to work towards a common goal. We have already organised a few workshops in a much more structured way, and I believe the results are better thanks to the training!

Katja Rantanen, ABB Oy, Distribution Solutions


ABB Oy, Distribution Solutions
Katja Rantanen


BRP Finland Oy

Innovative manufacturer of powersports products for snow, water, asphalt, and dirt

I had the same problem as millions of others; no one understood the stick figures I was drawing! I was thinking about visualisation and influencing when I came across a visual facilitation workshop offered by Mukamas. I started following you and kept a keen eye on your webinar offerings. At this stage, we weren’t talking much yet, just getting to know each other. But then, later, at the learning design bootcamp, we really connected.

Mukamas has been a massive part of my learning journey over the past few years. I have had countless great conversations with you about personal development and have gained helpful insights concerning organisational competence and learning.

I love your attitude. It radiates joy, happiness about your work, and the willingness to help. When working with people living in northern Finland, like me, directness and outspokenness come a long way. I feel that we have worked in true collaboration. The world and I have changed over the years, and it’s been great to develop along the way.

The benefits we’ve gotten from working with Mukamas are visible in our everyday operations. For example, in August 2019, we reflected on fine-tuning and developing your work with nearly 100 people. Mukamas has also taught me how to calm down, give space, and create opportunities. I definitely recommend Mukamas to others as well because the service I’ve received has been excellent!

Heli Satokangas, BRP Finland Oy


Polygon Finland Oy

European market leader in property damage restoration

Polygon Finland Oy wanted to bring together managers from all over Finland for Development Days. But we didn’t want an event full of lectures. Instead, we were looking to create a practical, participatory atmosphere. The themes of the event were related to work motivation, work atmosphere, and customer satisfaction. Some examples were motivation and responsibility from a management perspective and self-management under the title “How do I manage myself in the future?”. The aim was to brainstorm and co-develop these crucial topics in our work community to put them into practice.

The process, methods, visual facilitation, and digital learning platform set Mukamas apart from competitors. In addition, the preliminary assignment, participant orientation, active inclusion, and the visual summaries were just what we needed and confirmed that we had made the right choice.

I think all participants realised that we have the right to learn, develop, and act. We found a new way to do things — no more days filled with figures and processes. In the feedback, the participants praised the joint brainstorming and participatory approach. Based on the positive feedback, I can say we succeeded together!”

Many thanks to everyone at Mukamas. It was a pleasure working with you, and I hope to see you again for more learning and development!

Markus Niskanen, Polygon Finland Oy

LAB University of Applied Sciences

When organising a forum on foresight and a few related workshops, we turned to Mukamas because we needed help in encouraging participation and the best possible interaction. Not only did we need support in facilitating the events and training other facilitators, but also in planning the workshops and the methods used in them. We wanted to focus as much as possible on the topic itself and on listening to the participants.

When comparing service providers, we were impressed by Mukamas’ detailed service descriptions, the team’s competence, and the company’s references. So when we decided to collaborate with them, we knew what we were getting.

The collaboration ran smoothly throughout the process. Unfortunately, we had to run one of the workshops online due to circumstances, but people liked the online implementation a lot. It was a very positive experience overall, a real success. The workshop participants were pleased with the professional facilitation and the Howspace collaboration platform.

Working with Mukamas taught us a lot about the importance of advance work and completing the participation process. We didn’t want to run workshops for the sake of running workshops. Instead, we hoped that the precious time of the participants would yield concrete results.

Above all, we learned many important lessons about what good facilitation is. The well-designed workshops resulted in a meaningful outcome, and we achieved the goals we set for the workshops. Thank you very much for the rewarding collaboration!”

Mauri Huttunen, LAB University of Applied Sciences



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