Let’s choose the right tools and tactics for your journey towards a learning work community! We offer learning design consulting and training for management, coaching and facilitation for key staff as well as the entire work community.

Getting Started With Learning Design

Discover the basics of learning design!

A fast, efficient, and practical dive into the basics of learning design. The aim is to discover a shared understanding for the core team responsible for learning and competence development in your work community. The focus and objectives are set according to your starting point and cover, e.g. team and organisational levels. 

Strategic Learning Design Training for Management

Let’s put learning on the management’s agenda!

Nobody disputes the link between business success and the ability to learn. But, unfortunately, management can stifle workplace learning. To ensure this is not the case in your organisation, let’s first understand your starting point and where you want to go. Then we’ll discover the right roles, tasks, and tools so that management can create and encourage an agile learning culture in your organisation.

Bringing Learning Strategy to Life

Learning together makes the strategy come alive!

As facilitators, we carefully design and execute a participative process that helps you formulate a learning strategy for your work community. We identify the competencies essential for your business success, pinpoint gaps, and help you transform learning plans into everyday practice.

Everyday Learning Skills in the Workplace

Learning skills need constant support, and everyone deserves the opportunity to find their motivation, strengths, and learning direction. We help the entire work community in developing individual and team learning skills.

Training Design

Excellent design makes for effective training!

The starting point for premium training design is to ensure a learner- and strategy-centred approach and a smooth, meaningful learning experience. Though essential, training is only one way to learn at work. We help you to design concepts and learning processes that deliver results.

Case: Bootcamp-Style Learning Design Training

We created a bootcamp-style learning design training together with a client in the technology and web services industry. A key person from the company also attended our Learning Design Bootcamp. Over the years, we have continued the collaboration delivering tailored learning design webinars and facilitation coaching in Finnish and English.

Case: Strategic Competence Needs and Skills Workshops

We ran organisation-wide workshops with our client, a university of applied sciences, to identify the institution’s strategic competence needs to support the new strategy. In management team training, the team leaders learned the right tools to host discussions on learning. In the skills workshops, each unit reflected on its own competence needs at the unit and team level. We ensured implementation with the management team and created steps for managing learning in the future.

“Learning design has brought the many service designers in our organisation closer together. Learning design is also strongly linked to developing and enhancing customer experience, one of our key strategic priorities.”



Not sure what service is right for you? Just get in touch, and we’ll work with you to find the best solution to meet your needs.