Annu Karkama


Coach, Facilitator, COO (BBA)

Annu is an attentive and inspiring facilitator and coach and, as the team calls her, a can-do woman. Her areas of expertise include learning design, self-managed learning, and dialogue in work communities.

When it comes to developing organisational culture,  sustainable learning, workplace interaction, and inclusive leadership are near Annu’s heart. She believes that interaction and a shared desire to develop are critical skills for a thriving work community, both internally and with customers.

A down-to-earth team player with roots in the North of Finland, Annu amuses the entire Mukamas team with her slightly black humour. She values deep, open dialogues and the continuous process of human growth. In her free time, Annu relaxes by singing, practising Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, having great conversations, and playing with her children.